Best Album by Moritaka Chisato

Release Date November 27, 1999
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Album
Recorded 1990-1999
Label zetima

Moritaka Chisato Albums Chronology

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harvest time is the fourth best album released by Moritaka Chisato. it was released on November 27, 1999.


  1. Rock n' Roll Kenchoushozaichi (ロックンロール県庁所在地; Rock n' Roll Prefectural Capitals)
  2. Teriyaki Burger (テリヤキ・バーガー)
  3. Mitsuketa Seifu (見つけたサイフ)
  4. Daibouken (大冒険; The Great Adventure)
  5. Aru OL no Seishun ~A Ko no Baai~ (Moritaka Connection) (あるOLの青春〜A子の場合〜(Moritaka Connection))
  6. Nozokanaide (のぞかないで)
  7. Watashi wa Onchi (私はおんち)
  8. Shiritagari (しりたがり)
  9. Mijikai Natsu (短い夏; Short Summer)
  10. Yowasete yo Konya Dake (酔わせてよ今夜だけ; Only Tonight, Get Drunk)
  11. Docchi mo Docchi (どっちもどっち)
  12. Yoru no Entou (Video Mix) (夜の煙突 (ビデオ・ミックス); The Night's Chimney)
  13. Hikisakanaide Futari wo (引き裂かないで二人を)
  14. Kono Machi (この街; This Town)


  • The album reached #82 on the weekly Oricon charts and charted for one week.

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