Hello!girls!! -Maido Lovelys!!!! Desse-
Album by Lovelys!!!!
Native title Hello!girls!!-まいど Lovelys!!!!でっせ-
Released April 22, 2015
Genre J-pop
Format CD
Recorded 2015
Label UPG Record
Lovelys!!!! Albums Chronology
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Hello!girls!! -Maido Lovelys!!!! Desse- (Hello!girls!!-まいど Lovelys!!!!でっせ-; Hello!girls!! -We Are Always Lovelys!!!!-) is a full album by Lovelys!!!! and their only release as four members. It was released on April 22, 2015.


  1. Hello!girls!!
  2. Ichiban Daiji na Koto (いちばん大事なこと; The Most Important Thing)
  3. Platinum (プラチナ)
  4. Saki-chan to Boku (さきちゃんとぼく; Saki-chan and I) - Yagi Saki
  5. First Love - Miyazaki Rio
  6. natural may good
  7. Superman (スーパーマン)
  8. Suki ya nen, Suki nan yo. (好きやねん、好きなんよ。; I Love You, I Love You.)
  9. Sekaijuu ga Shiawase de Aru you ni (世界中が幸せであるように; I Wish for Happiness Around the World)
  10. Jishaku (磁石; Magnet)
  11. Migimimi ni Sasayaite (右耳にささやいて; Whispered in My Right Ear) - Yagi Saki
  12. UP TO YOU - Miyazaki Rio
  13. Merry-Go-Round
  14. OH YEAH
  15. Anniversary (アニバーサリー)

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