KAN, 2014
General Information

Real Name

Kimura Kan (木村和)


September 24, 1962 (1962-09-24) (age 55)


Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan


J-pop, pop rock


Singer, lyricist, composer

Years Active



Polydor Records (1987-1995)
Mercury (1996-1997)
Warner Music Japan (1997-1999)
BMG Fan House (2000-2001)
zetima (2006-)

Kimura Kan (木村和), better known by his stage name KAN, is a Japanese singer-songwriter under J.P ROOM.

Other musicians under UP-FRONT GROUP have covered his songs or have released songs written by KAN. He is also known to incorporate gags into his performances.


KAN was born in Fukuoka, Japan on September 24, 1962.

He began taking piano lesson when he entered elementary school in 1969, and also began singing hymns in December of that year so that he and his friend could attend a church Christmas party.[1] He stopped taking classical piano lessons in 1976 and bought an electric guitar in January 1977.[2]

In April 1981, he passed the entrance exam for Hosei University's Department of Social Sciences. When he arrived in Tokyo he bought a ticket for Billy Joel's concert. A week later, as he watched Billy Joel from his second floor seat at Nippon Budokan, KAN was given the unshakable desire to become a musician.[3]

In 1983, KAN was invited to join his high school senior's fusion band ANNETTE on the condition that he played his original songs.[4]

In 1986, he signed a contract with Light Links Corporation and made his solo debut in 1987.[5] Light Links Corporation later merged with UP-FRONT AGENCY in 1988.

In 1990, his song "Ai wa Katsu" from his fifth album Yakyuu Senshu ga Yume Datta. became the ending theme for Fuji TV's Izu Omoshiro TV which was hosted by Takada Junji, who was a popular comedian at the time.[6] The song was released as a single a couple months later and it became KAN's hit song, selling more than two million copies and charting on Oricon for 52 weeks.

In April 1999, KAN married violinist Waseda Sakurako who he had first met during his 1997 concert tour.[7]

From 2002 to 2004, he moved to Paris, France in order to come close to his dream of "wanting to become a Frenchman." He also wanted to re-study classical piano, for which he attended École Normale de Musique de Paris.[8]

On October 1, 2010, KAN transferred from UP-FRONT AGENCY to J.P ROOM.

After the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, a charity unit called the Ganbarou Nippon Ai wa Katsu Singers was formed with 131 artists under the UP-FRONT WORKS label including KAN. They released a cover of his song "Ai wa Katsu" on April 9 to fundraise money for the victims.[9]


  • Real Name: Kimura Kan (木村和)
  • Stage Name: KAN
  • Birth Date: September 24, 1962 (1962-09-24) (age 55)
  • Birthplace: Fukuoka, Fukuoka, Japan
  • Blood Type: Unknown
  • Western Zodiac: Libra
  • Light Links Corporation Status:
  • UP-FRONT GROUP Status:
    • 1988: UP-FRONT AGENCY member
    • 2010-10-01: J.P ROOM member


Original Albums
  1. [1987.04.25] Terebi no Naka ni (テレビの中に)
  2. [1987.10.25] NO-NO-YESMAN
  3. [1988.06.25] GIRL TO LOVE
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  17. [2017.03.05] la RINASCENTE
Compilation Albums
  1. [1992.02.28] Mezurashii Jinsei (めずらしい人生)
  2. [1997.09.03] The Best Singles FIRST DECADE
  3. [2007.11.28] IDEAS the very best of KAN
  4. [2010.10.07] Songs Out of Bounds
Live Albums
  1. [2008.11.19] LIVE Hikigatari Battari #7 ~Ultra Tabun~ Zen Kaijou Kara Zenkyoku Shuuroku (LIVE 弾き語りばったり #7 〜ウルトラタブン〜 全会場から全曲収録)

  1. [1987.04.25] Terebi no Naka ni (テレビの中に)
  2. [1987.10.25] BRACKET
  3. [1988.06.25] Daijoubu I'M ALL RIGHT (だいじょうぶI'M ALL RIGHT)
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