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Mc ns album

New Season is the first album released by Moritaka Chisato. The album was released on June 25, 1987.


  1. Namida Good-bye (涙Good-bye; Tears Good-bye)
  2. Yume no Owari (夢の終り; The End of a Dream)
  3. Ringoshu no Rule (林檎酒のルール; The Apple Cider's Rule)
  4. Otis Redding ni Kanpai (オーティス・レディングに乾杯; Cheers to Otis Redding)
  5. WAYS
  6. Period (Album Version) (ピリオド(Album Version))
  7. Ano Hi no Photograph (あの日のフォトグラフ; That Day's Photograph)
  8. Miss Lady
  9. NEW SEASON(Long Version)

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