Our Song
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Regular Edition
Single by Abe Asami
from album Wishes
Released July 2, 2003
Genre J-POP
Format CD, CD+DVD
Recorded 2003
Label Universal Music Japan
Abe Asami Singles Chronology
Previous Riyuu
Next Kimi wo Tsurete Iku
Other Covers
Limited Edition

Our Song is Abe Asami's second solo single, it was released on July 2, 2003 under Universal Music Japan.


Our Song03:00

Our Song


Regular EditionEdit

  1. Our Song
  2. Follow me! Follow you?
  3. Our Song (Instrumental)

Limited Edition (CD+DVD)Edit

  1. Our Song
  2. Follow me! Follow you?
  3. Our Song (Instrumental)
  4. Kaze no kioku (風の記憶) (short film- DVD)

Single InformationEdit

Our Song
  • Lyrics: Mitsuru Nakamura (326)
  • Composition: Tsutsumi Kyohei
  • Arrangement: Inoue Yoshimasa
Follow me! Follow you?
  • Lyrics: Abe Asami
  • Composition: Tsutsumi Kyohei
  • Arrangement: Nakanishi Ryosuke

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