Album by Lovelys
Released September 25, 2017
Genre J-pop
Format CD
Recorded 2017
Label UFGK
Lovelys Albums Chronology
Previous Hello!girls!! -Maido Lovelys!!!! Desse- Full Album (2015)

RioSaki is the first album by Lovelys and their first release as a duo. It was released on September 25, 2017.[1]

The album features newer versions of songs from their four-member album Hello!girls!! -Maido Lovelys!!!! Desse- and covers of Hello! Project songs.[2]


  1. Dore Dore (ドレドレ; Let's See)
  2. Ichiban Daiji na Koto
  3. Superman
  5. Moshimo... (Hello! Project Mobekimasu cover)
  6. Futari wa NS (Kira☆Pika cover)
  7. Suki ya nen, Suki nan yo.
  8. Platinum
  9. Onegai Miwaku no Target (Melon Kinenbi cover)
  10. OH YEAH
  11. Yuugenjikkou (有言実行; Carry Out Your Promises)

Featured MembersEdit


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