TNX Inc. (TNX(ティーエネックス)株式会社) is a record company created by Tsunku on October 6, 2006. The name is an abbreviation of "thanks" (感謝; kansha).

Some artists under "Good Factory Record" and Hello! Project are also affiliated with TNX. TN-mix is the label associated with TNX that publishes CDs and DVDs, manages events, and scouts for newcomers.

Current ActsEdit

Male ArtistsEdit

  • Tsunku♂ (つんく♂)
  • Hirayama Jin (平山仁)

Music ProductionEdit

The following artists, except Tsunku, are not directly under TNX, however, they do release works under the company.

Represenative WorksEdit

Former ActsEdit

  • Kurei Soushi (久礼聡史)
  • Matsui Yu-bi (松井雄飛) (Sebas Champ)
  • Naka. Tatsuya (なか。たつや) (Magician)
  • Tokito Ami (時東ぁみ)
  • Gyaruru (ギャルル)
  • Jia Jia (ジャ・ジャ)
  • Nitta Hirokazu (仁田宏和)
  • Sebas Champ (セバスチャンプ)
    • Hinohikari Shiro (日野光司路)
    • Nitta Hirokazu (仁田宏和)
  • Bingo~re Bongore (ビンゴ~レ ボンゴレ)
    • Ogiyahagi
      • Ogi Hiroaki (小木博明)
      • Yahagi Ken (矢作兼)
  • NICE GIRL Project! (NICE GIRL プロジェクト!)

External LinksEdit

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