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Single by Tasaki Asahi

Released January 2, 2013 (concert); January 16, 2013 (online)
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single
Recorded 2012
Label Disco label ufw
Tasaki Asahi discography

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Tegami / Rolling Days (手紙/Rolling Days; Letters / Rolling Days) is the debut single by soloist Tasaki Asahi, under the SATOYAMA movement. The single was sold on January 2, 2013 at Hello! Project 2013 Winter Concert, Bravo! and Viva!. It was also sold online at Neowing's website starting on January 16, 2013.

田﨑あさひ 『手紙』 (MV)05:00

田﨑あさひ 『手紙』 (MV)

Tegami (MV)

田﨑あさひ 『Rolling Days』 (MV)04:13

田﨑あさひ 『Rolling Days』 (MV)

Rolling Days (MV)

Artist Photo 98 0

Tasaki Asahi promoting single


  1. Tegami
  2. Rolling Days
  3. Tegami (instrumental)
  4. Rolling Days (instrumental)

Concert PreformancesEdit

  1. Tegami
  2. Rolling Days

Song InformationEdit

  1. Tegami
  2. Rolling Days

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