Best Album by Moritaka Chisato

Release Date August 8, 2012
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Album
Recorded 1987-1999
Label Warner Music Japan

Moritaka Chisato Albums Chronology

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The Singles (ザ・シングルズ) is a compilation of every A-side from Moritaka Chisato, from her first single, NEW SEASON, through her 40th single, Ichido Asobi ni Kite yo '99, to celebrate her 25th anniversary since her debut in 1987. This is also her first album in 18 years to be released under the Warner Music Japan label.

It was released on August 8, 2012 in regular and limited edition. Limited edition comes with a seperate luxurious 48-page photo booklet, a special specific package with three-way slip case back, and a specific super picture label.


Disc 1Edit

  2. Over Night Heat
  4. The Miha (special remix)
  5. ALONE
  6. The Stress (Chūkintō Version)
  7. 17-Sai
  8. Daite (Las Vegas Version)
  9. Michi
  10. Seishun
  11. Kusai Mono ni wa Futa wo Shiro!
  12. Ame
  13. Benkyou no Uta
  14. Kono Machi (HOME MIX)
  15. Hachigatsu no Koi

Disc 2Edit

  1. Fight
  2. Concert no Yoru
  3. Watashi ga Obasan ni Natte mo
  4. Watarasebashi
  5. Writer Shibou
  6. Watashi no Natsu
  7. Hae Otoko
  8. Memories
  9. Template:Ufg
  10. Rock 'n Omelette
  11. Kibun Sokai
  12. Natsu no Hi
  13. Suteki na Tanjoubi
  14. Watashi no Daiji na Hito (Single Version)
  15. Futari wa Koibito

Disc 3Edit

  1. Yasumi no Gogo
  2. Jin Jin Jinglebell
  3. So Blue
  4. La La Sunshine
  5. Gin'iro no Yume
  6. Let's Go!
  8. Miracle Light
  10. Denwa
  11. Umi Made 5fun
  12. Tsumetai Tsuki
  13. Watashi no You ni
  14. Ichido Asobi ni Kite yo '99

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