Tokito Ami
General Information

Real name

Komatsu Yukie (小松幸江)

Also known as

Talking Bunbun


September 25, 1987 (1987-09-25) (age 29)

Birth Place

Tokyo, Japan


Japanese Pop

Tokito Ami (時東ぁみ), real name Komatsu Yukie (小松幸江), is a Japanese gravure idol and singer.

Ami's attractive point to fans are her trademark glasses, as she is rarely seen not wearing them. While many gravure idols do wear glasses when they're not in front of cameras, few wear them in front of the camera when it isn't candid or for cosplay. Because of this, Ami is known as a "megadol", short for "meganekko idol". Ami has admitted to having 1.5 eyesight in each eye.

Ami's first and second singles were released under the Marvelous Entertainment label, while her first two mini-albums were released under Good Factory Record. Ami then made her major "debut" under her new label TNX, a company that Tsunku created, with her third single I'm a lady ~Jirettai Watashi~. Most (if not all) of her songs are produced by Tsunku and have been arranged by most Hello! Project arrangers.

In addition to her solo music career, Ami was put into the group Gyaruru with Gal Sone Natsuko and Abe Asami.


Early LifeEdit

Tokito Ami was born as Komatsu Yukie on September 25, 1987 in Tokyo, Japan. As a child, Ami was part of a local theater company during her fifth grade year in 1998. She was also in the drama "Sensei Shiranai no?".


In 2005, Tokito was the winner of Miss Magazine 2005, chosen out of 16,000 hopefuls. Tokito Ami made her debut as a gravure idol in May with her first DVD.


In 2007, Tokito was added into the TNX unit Gyaruru.


  • Real Name: Komatsu Yukie (小松幸江)
  • Stage Name: Tokito Ami (時東ぁみ)
  • Nicknames: Amitan (ぁみたん), Aminii (あみにぃ)
  • Birthdate: September 25, 1987 (1987-09-25) (age 29)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Height: 154cm
  • Bust: 85cm
  • Waist: 58cm
  • Hips: 85cm
  • Shoe size: 24cm
  • Hobby: Emailing
  • Skill: Basketball, futsal

  • Favorite foods: Natto, strawberries, chocolate
  • Person respected: Basketball coach
  • Favorite male talents: Akashiya Sanma, Okamura Takashi



Mini AlbumsEdit

  • [2005.12.07] 1 Sanagi no Bathrobe (①さなぎのバスローブ)
  • [2006.03.15] 2 Suki desu... (②好きです・・・。)

Best of AlbumsEdit



  • [2005.08.24] Kimajime KI.MA.JI.ME (生真面目 KI・MA・JI・ME)
  • [2006.03.20] Miss Magazine 2005 THE BIKINI SPECIAL (ミスマガジン2005 THE BIKINI SPECIAL
  • [2007.11] Ami no toriatsukai setsumeisho (torisetsu) (ぁみの取扱い説明書(トリセツ) )
  • [2006.09.21] Tokito Ami 2007 Calender (時東ぁみ 2007年 カレンダー)
  • [2009.08] Glamourous Baby (グラマラスベイビー)
  • [2013.02.15] Hatsuryoko (初旅行)


  • [2005.05.28] Takahashi Sachiko and Tokito Ami (高橋幸子・時東あみ)
  • [2005.06.07] occhiali
  • [2005.10.21] Tokito Ami Miss Magazine 2005 (時東ぁみ ミスマガジン2005)
  • [2005.11.25] Tokito Ami Tenshi no Itazura
  • [2005.11.25] Megane no Bakayaroo
  • [2006.04.01] Music V Tokushuu 1 ~Pineappo!~ (ミュージックV特集 ①~パインナッポー!~)
  • [2006.06.14] Tokito Ami Hatsu Live '06 Haru ~The Nakano Sampler~ (時東ぁみ 初ライブ '06春 ~ザ・中野サンプラ~)
  • [2006.12.20] Cry For Help! ~Uchuu Station Chikaku no Baiten ni te~
  • [2007.06.06] TAWAWA Natsu Bikini Single V
  • [2007.09.19] Tokito Ami with THE Possible Live '07 ~Ami Kore Possi Kore~ (時東ぁみ with THE ポッシボー ライブ'07~ぁみコレ ポッシコレ~)
  • [2008.03.21] Dokidoki, tokimeki (ドキドキ、トキメキ)
  • [2008.03.21] Shittori, mattari (しっとり、まったり)
  • [2008.11.09] Maho no arubamu (魔法のアルバム)
  • [2009.05.29] Kōfuku megane (幸福眼鏡)
  • [2010.03.22] Doushiyo ka na ~ (どうしよかな~ )
  • [2011.05.27] Hatsuryoko (初旅行)
  • [2012.10.26] Tsubasa no haeta kanojo (翼の生えた彼女)


  • [2006.06.14] Tokito Ami Hatsu Live '06 Haru ~The Nakano Sampler~ (時東ぁみ 初ライブ '06春 ~ザ・中野サンプラ~)
  • [2006.--.--] Tokito Ami Live '06 Natsu ~Bon Ake Hyper GIG~ (時東ぁみライブ '06夏 ~盆明けハイパーGIG~)
  • [2006.--.--] Tokito Ami Live '06 Fuyu "I'm a lady ~Jirettai Watashi no X'mas (時東ぁみライブ '06冬 "I'm a lady~じれったい私のX'mas~")
  • [2007.09.19] Tokito Ami with THE Possible Live '07 ~Ami Kore Possi Kore~ (時東ぁみ with THE ポッシボー ライブ'07~ぁみコレ ポッシコレ~)



  • [2010] COACH
  • [2010] Odoru Daisosasen The Movie 3
  • [2010] Garo: Red Requiem
  • [2012] LOVEToRAIN

TV DramasEdit

  • [2008] Sumire 16 sai!!
  • [2008] Tetsudou Musume -Girls be anbitious!-

TV ShowEdit

  • [2008-2009] Fudousan Ou
  • [2008-2009] Tokito Ami no Challenge Station
  • [2009] Shabe Creator
  • [2009-2010] Minna no Negai wo Kanaetai! Doyou
  • [2010-2011] Dai Shingeki Bousou BONZO!
  • [2012] Sanka Gatsu de Full Marathon
  • [2012] Autolock Nut


  • [2005] Piva☆Girl
  • [2006] CRY FOR HELP! ~Uchuu Station Chikaku no Baiten ni te~
  • [2007] Sukedachi
  • [2009] Momoiro Shoten ni Youkoso
  • [2009] Sasayaka na Kono Jinsei
  • [2010] SHUFFLE
  • [2011] Soshite Ryouma wa Korosareta


  • During her time on the Miss Magazine futsal team, Ami acted as goalkeeper and instead of glasses, she wore goggles to protect her eyes.

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